1/23/2008 09:54:00 AM

Cano Open To Long Term Deal

Posted by Mark McCray |

Kat O'Brien had an interesting piece on Robbie Cano on Newsdays website today:

Robinson Cano would be open to the idea of signing a long-term contract with the Yankees, his agent, Bobby Barad, said yesterday.

Barad made clear that the Yankees have not broached that topic with him and Cano, and that he has not brought up the possibility. However, should the Yankees seek to lock up their All-Star second baseman well before free agency - as the Mets did with third baseman David Wright and shortstop Jose Reyes - Cano could have interest.

Could it get done? That's more complicated. Said Barad: "It depends on, there's so many factors that would determine that." Several of the game's best young players have inked multiyear deals with their clubs early in their careers, including the Indians' Grady Sizemore (six years, $23.45 million) and the Phillies' Chase Utley (seven years, $85 million).

"He wouldn't be adverse to that in theory," Barad said.


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