1/13/2008 11:11:00 AM

Clemens: I Am "Zestfully Clean"

Posted by Mark McCray |

It may be time to re-think the whole Roger Clemens steroid scandal.

Forgotten footage of the "Rocket" was recently uncovered on YouTube. It appears as though the video, filmed during the 80's, confirms that Rogers repeated denials about using PED's may actually be legit!

In the video, Roger often uses the phrase-- "zestfully clean" to pronounce his future innocence. Great choice of words, Roger.

Aside from this strong catch-phrase, Clemens backs up the future denial by actually singing...naked...behind a huge, hideous beach towel.

After seeing this video, why would we not want to believe Roger? Because of a guy like Brian McNamee?

Come on!...there must be too much soap scum skewing your good judgement.


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