1/11/2008 01:09:00 PM

MLB '08: The Show

Posted by Mark McCray |

1up.com has a good little blurb about the new MLB game, MLB '08: The Show. Ryan Howard of the Phillies has recently been named the cover-man of the new game.
Expected to launch in spring 2008 for PlayStation 3, PSP, and PlayStation 2, MLB 08: The Show will deliver an enhanced Road to the Show mode, with an improved player creation process and a new career advancement system. Additionally, the new Progressive Batting Performance feature will reward (or penalize) batters for continued success (or the lack thereof), with deeper pitcher/batter analysis tools available both during games and after.

MLB 08: The Show looks to pack a noticeable visual improvement over last year's admittedly underwhelming presentation, with special attention paid to texture work, environmental/player lighting, cloth physics, pitcher's grips (18 different styles will be included), and ambient crowd features, such as vendors and fans hanging K signs for strikeouts.

This game looks amazing...I can't wait until it comes out!


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