1/05/2008 09:17:00 PM

"Rocket" Becomes New American Gladiator

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Apparently unsatisfied with his accomplishments in baseball, Roger Clemens has officially announced he will become a "gladiator" on the 2008 reincarnation of the popular and seemingly steroid fueled sports challenge show, American Gladiators.

When AP sportswriters were able to reach Clemens for comment he had this to say:

"I've always felt like it was my destiny was to become a "gladiator" on American Gladiators. Baseball was always my backup plan and I guess it was good I had it there for me to fall back on after not being able to qualify for the coveted position on the original show.
Now that NBC has decided to bring back this legendary show, I finally get my shot at becoming the biggest and best gladiator there ever was.
Working out with my trainer Brian McNamee has really prepared me for the rigors of gladiator life. I have been faithfully studying film of the great gladiators of past such as Malibu, Nitro, and Laser. And to be quite honest, I feel like I am at the top of my game. I mean. I am like 45 going on 20 right now, this will be a piece of cake."

It is not known yet whether Roger will actually inform anyone that he is joining the gladiator ranks, but the decision is likely to come some time in the middle of the first season.

Catch American Gladiators on NBC Sunday at 9pm Eastern.


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