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Yankees Looking Toward Future In Japan?

Posted by Mark McCray |

According to a couple of rumors, the Yankees have begun flirting with a young Japanese pitching star, Yu Darvish.

A Blog entitled East Windup Chronicle had this piece:

I’m surprised it took this long, but the Yu Darvish to MLB rumors may have just officially kicked off right along with the new year. A Sports Hankook (Korea) report, relying on a Japanese source (Sports Nikkan), says that the Yankees plan to nab Darvish following the 2008 season.

The report goes on to say that the Dodgers, Mets and Cubs have also made “love calls” (러브콜) to Darvish and that the floor of negotiations is something along the lines of what Daisuke Matsuzaka was able to command during his posting extravaganza in 2006.


I got this from the "Yu Darvish" official site (THIS SITE IS A MUST SEE! It puts A-Rod.com to shame hahaha). This guy is already a superstar in the making.

* Name: Yu Darvish
* Birthplace: Osaka,Japan
* Born: August16,1986
* Bloodtype: A
* Height / Weight: 196cm / 84kg
* Highschool: Tohoku Highschool Sendai, Japan
* Team: Nippon Ham Fighters, Hokkaido Joined the team in 2004, #1 draft.
* Position: Pitcher
* Bats: Right
* Throws: Right

Yu Darvish was born to an Iranian father and a Japanese mother. He participated in Koshien High school Baseball Tournament 4 times.
He was drafted No.1 by Nippon Ham Fighters out of Tohoku high school in 2004. His fastball exceeds 150km and he possesses many break balls.
He greatly contributed to the team’s Japan championship in 2006.

2003 the 85th All Japan High-school Baseball Championship_2nd place.
2004 the 76th Invitational High-school Baseball Tournament_achieved No hit/No run.

2006/Jan. Conclude an exclusive management contract with avex network inc.

•Career Stats(2006.10)

* Games:14
* W-L:5-5
* IP:94.1
* K:52
* ERA:3.53


* Games:25
* W-L:12-5
* IP:149.2
* K:115
* ERA:2.89


* Games:26
* W-L:15-5
* IP:207.2
* K:210
* ERA:1.82

I could really see this guy in pinstripes. The perfect counter to Dice-K. If he turned out to be a legitimate major league pitcher-- could you imagine the rotation? Wang, Chamberlain, Hughes, Darvish, Kennedy. Dominate.


Wolf In Pinstripes said...

Dude,I thought he was a chick the first time I saw his picture the other day. LOL Oh well, I guess good looks aren't going to be his hinderance towards becoming a star.

His story is pretty impressive. I just hope it's not another Dice-K/Igawa deal, because fans are already so pissed about the Yanks shelling out what they did for Kei and having him pan out the way he did.

It'll be an interesting story to follow, regardless.

Ethan Michaels said...

I think Darvish has a lot to prove. As of yet, he's had one good year in professional baseball, and Japan isn't the level of the majors. And besides, that he'll be posted at all is pure speculation. There's no indication that he wants to come to the US or that his team would post him as far as I know. He won't be a FA for some time, so why would the team post him now when they can hold onto him for years and then post him later and still get a bundle of money?

Ethan Michaels

Mark McCray said...

Thanks for commenting guys. Been so busy recently have had very little time to update. Things have settled down again now however.

I don't know about this Darvish cat, but I did like his website. I thought it was really, really funny. Apparently, he sells like merchandise with his personal logo on it already. Pretty wild. Someone thinks that he is a pretty big star.

We will have to see...

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