2/21/2008 09:03:00 PM

Beckett's Bulge

Posted by Mark McCray |

Haha. I had not seen this until tonight, and I must say it is hilarious!!!

I am pretty sure the Red Sux officialy have the fattest starting rotation in Major League Baseball now. Hahahaha. Hopefully that bulge sets him back a bit this year!!!


Anonymous said...

your blog sucks, make it simpler

Mark McCray said...

This Blog is for Yankee fans!!! Not simple minds!!! Haha. Thanks for coming (and commenting!!!)

Yanks23 said...

Simpler? That's frightening that someone actually wants a blog to be simpler. It is awfully complicated material, I must admit.

Anonymous said...

you're just hating because the truth is that yankees sucks and you think that just because the best pitcher in the whole wide world "Josh Beckett" is a bit out of shape that's going to set him back...sweety think twice 'cause absolutely no one can bring it like Beckett.

Mark M. said...

Haha. Phil Hughes can!!! :-)

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