2/21/2008 08:46:00 PM

Why Doesn't Girardi Have A Segway?

Posted by Mark McCray |

The Yankees have gotten a lot younger over the last couple of years, but they have still yet to embrace all of the wonders of modern technology.

Yes. Joe Girardi has a laptop and Torre never did-- but he still has a lot of catching up to do with the Washington Nationals manager Jim Bowden if he wants to be labeled the "hippest manager in baseball".

Why you ask? Well, apparently, over at the Nationals Spring Training camp the manager does not run (like Girardi) or ride in golf carts (like Torre) to get around the extensive complex.

No, Bowden uses the latest in hip, green travel-- The Segway. Just check out these killer pics courtesy of Deadspin!!!

Hahahaha. What a nerd!!!


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