2/21/2008 03:59:00 PM

A-Rod: Jeter Will Have Monster Season

Posted by Mark McCray |

PeteAbe just had some great quotes from A-Rod that really, really got me excited for this season. Thanks Pete!

Alex Rodriguez predicted today that Derek Jeter would win the MVP and that Bobby Abreu would have a monster year.

“I think Jeter is going to have an MVP season. That’s my prediction for the year,” Rodriguez said. “And Bobby’s going to have a monster year.”

Why Jeter?

“I think he’s going to have an explosive, monster season. I think he’s in great shape. I think he did some great things this winter with his workouts. I’m very excited for his year.”

Wow, that is music to my ears!!! Lets not be so quick to dismiss the influence Joe Girardi is already having on this team. :-)


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