3/30/2008 03:08:00 AM

Brian Cashman's Fan Q&A On LoHud

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After receiving over five hundred emails containing questions for Brian Cashman, Peter Abraham of the LoHud Yankees Blog was able to narrow down the list and fire off a few of them for the GM to answer.

Here is the audio from the interview (thank you, Peter):
Part #1:
Part #2:

Click Here To Read The Transcript Of Peter Abraham and Brian Cashman's Interview


Timmy Smith said...

Dear Bronx Stop,
My name is Timmy Smith and although i am only 14 years old i believe that i could probobly make better changes then the Yankees have over the last 3 years.
Yankees have the highest payroll in the MLB and for a team with that payroll to be only a few games over 500. Another comment that i would like to say is that the Yankees should try to win in two years. By that i mean players that the Yankees should not resign or try to trade are Hideki Matsui Jason Giambi (I believe his contract is over) jorge posada he is getting old and his arm can"t gun down the players a young catcher that i believe they should go for who has a low payroll is the pirates catcher ryan doumit he is only Twenty Seven years old as for first base some yankees fan may not agree with my choice but i believe there are many teams trying to get a rod so i believe they could make a trade with the brewers for ryan braun and prince fielder ryan braun although he was switched to outfield could still play third base and prince fielder is another young guy who could play first base xavier nady is another young guy who can keep playing left field for the yankees i believe they should keep melky cabrera in minors and i believe they could trade for grady sizmore his contract ends next year and hes young and he has a medium size salary bobby abreu is getting too old you could have justin christian play right field or trade for nate mclouth as for second base i believe they give robinson cano another year to get his act together and if he doesnt trade him to rangers with phil hughes for ian kinsler and as for pitchers cc sabathia is a free agent this year joba chamberlain mike mussina is getting too old so trade him also chien ming wang i would trade for tim lincecum then i would give ian kennedy another year to see if he does well and for dh i would try to get hanley ramirez i know some fans would say that they wouldnt be the yankees anymore with all the changes going on but they would be better with a lower pay roll with an average age at about twenty five years old so yes i hope i get a reply to this because it took me a while and ps derek jeter would be the shortstop

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