3/30/2008 02:28:00 AM

Scott Patterson Got Screwed

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Tyler Kepner/New York Times:

After allowing one hit and no walks in seven and two-thirds scoreless innings for the Yankees this spring, Scott Patterson was cut from the team.

“I thought I was in,” Patterson said Saturday before the Yankees played the Florida Marlins in their final exhibition game. “I’m lucky if I slept one hour last night.”

Yankees Manager Joe Girardi, who gave the final bullpen spots to Jonathan Albaladejo, Brian Bruney and Ross Ohlendorf, cited Patterson’s inexperience as the major contributing factor .

“I talked about how the hardest part about going down to Scranton is to stay focused on the job at hand,” Girardi said. “He said, ‘All I’m going to do is get people out down there and wait for The Call.’ I’m very proud of his attitude and the way he pitched. I told him I believe we’ll see him.”

Patterson said he believed he proved to the Yankees that his success at Trenton was not a fluke. Patterson had a 1.09 earned run average in 43 games there last season.

With similar results at Scranton, he may finally get the call he wants.

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Anonymous said...

if this guy is as good as it looks, know we know why the Yankee bullpen can be the mess it is. Instead of paying Kei Igawa, we should've given this guy a chance last year.

Mark M. said...

Yeah. Apparently he is. I cannot understand some of the logic that goes on with the Yankees. This guy is scrappy, gritty and can obviously flat out pitch. I mean Kei Igawa? I honestly think I could pitch better than Igawa. We will see him in pinstripes soon. Don't worry.

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