4/26/2008 08:25:00 PM

Joe Girardi Is Bewildering Me

Posted by Mark McCray |

I don't get it. That game tonight is just not what the Yankees or their fans signed up for when they brought Joe Girardi in.

He was the manager that was supposed to bring style and superior in-game management to the Yankees. But some of the things I've witnessed thus far in the season are just bewildering me.

I mean why the hell do you sit Cano, Matsui, Abreu, and Posada in a game that the struggling rookie Ian Kennedy is pitching in?

If your going to give them days off at least give them a day off when your ace, Chien-Ming Wang, or another of your veterans is on the mound!!!

We all knew that Kennedy would need all of the run support he could get and Girardi sits three of the Yankees best hitters in Abreu, Matsui, and Posada (you can sit Cano for a game when he is batting .150 but not the others). These guys are men. Quit babying them with days off every other day and let them earn the millions of dollars they are getting paid.

Note to Joe Girardi: It was Jeremey Sowers on the mound for the Indians!!! I don't care if he is left-handed, he is not Sandy Koufax!!! He is Jeremey Sowers.

If you honestly think the best thing to do in that situation is to sit the majority of your best hitters because Jeremey Sowers is left-handed than this team has real, serious problems.


Dynasty Is Destiny! said...


Yeah, that is bewildering...Kennedy doesn't get run support as it is...

Matsui's batting .321...how is this guy not in there today? At least get him in to pinch hit at some point...

Mark M. said...

Pinch hitting just isn't good enough!!! Girardi needs to wake up fast.

Thanks for coming and commenting!!!

Cheap Mets Tickets said...

Absolutely ridiculous

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