4/26/2008 07:41:00 PM

MIA: Mariano Rivera

Posted by Mark McCray |


I can not wait for the explanation of this one.

Okay...I understand that the game was tied but don't you think that Mariano Rivera could potentially enter in the 9th and get out of of an inning using 10 or less pitches? If he could do that for one inning, couldn't he do it for another? I mean couldn't we at least give ourselves a shot at scoring some runs in extra innings?

I mean come on Girardi.

Mariano Rivera can't throw 20-25 pitches in a game anymore? Get out of town.

This game sucked. The managing was pathetic and so were the players. Mistakes like this will drag you down in more ways than one. It cannot continue.

The Yankees are not in that bad of shape just yet...but see what a four game sweep in Cleveland does for the energy of this team.


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