5/17/2008 12:04:00 PM

Joba May Stay In The Bullpen?!?

Posted by Mark McCray |

Ed Price/Newsday:

Joba Chamberlain may not be converted from reliever to starter this season, Yankees manager Joe Girardi conceded today.

"That's possible, yes," Girardi said of keeping Chamberlain in the bullpen all year.

The statement seemed a departure from the previous portrayal of the Yankees' plans for Chamberlain. Now, instead of the move being inevitable, it will be based more on need.

"It's not a preset decision, I can tell you that," Girardi said. "It's a decision that is based on a lot of different things. And we'll continue to discuss it and continue to look at our needs."

"We've seen to somewhat work out the fourth spot (with Darrell Rasner)," Girardi said. "We need to get Ian (Kennedy) going. That's the bottom line. Yes, I believe we have enough starting pitching. But we have to get Ian going, and we have to keep the other guys going, that's the bottom line. And we have to keep them healthy."


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