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Professor Feinsand's Quarter Term Report Card

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Chien-Ming Wang: A
Wang has been the most consistent starter without a doubt.

Andy Pettitte: C+
Inconsistency has been the only thing consistent about Pettitte. He’s been Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Mike Mussina: A-
The only reason he doesn’t get an A is Manny Ramirez. Easily the biggest surprise of the season to this point.

Ian Kennedy/Phil Hughes: D
The only reason they don’t get an F is because of their age. You had to figure it was going to be a bit bumpy, no?

Darrell Rasner: Incomplete
First two starts have been solid, but let’s see where he is after another 3-4.

BULLPEN (minimum 10 appearances)

Mariano Rivera: A+
As good as I’ve ever seen him. Period.

Joba Chamberlain: B+
Nobody could have expected him to be as flawless as 2007, but he’s been pretty darn good.

Kyle Farnsworth: B
Most people expected very little from Farnsworth, but he’s been pretty good, especially in the wake of Brian Bruney’s injury.

LaTroy Hawkins: C
His numbers (6.95 ERA) are the result of a terrible handful of outings at the start of April, but he’s been much better of late.

Ross Ohlendorf: B
Logged some long-relief innings for the sake of the team, but has looked good lately in setup-type situations.

Billy Traber: D
Ineffective as lefty specialist, and not doing much better at Triple-A.


Hideki Matsui: A-
Matsui has taken to the DH role and been the Yankees’ most consistent hitter.

Bobby Abreu: B+
Leads the team in RBIs and has avoided too many lengthy slumps.

Derek Jeter: B
Power hasn’t been there, but he’s hit well enough and played solid defense.

Johnny Damon: B-
When he hits, they win. When he doesn’t, they lose. It’s a simple yet amazing formula.

Jorge Posada: B+
Was hitting well when shoulder injury sidelined him. Yankees miss his bat almost as much as A-Rod’s.

Alex Rodriguez: B+
The offense has been awful since he’s been out. There’s little question how important he is to their lineup.

Melky Cabrera: B
Was probably the team’s MVP in April, but has wilted a bit in May.

Alberto Gonzalez: B
Defensive whiz has shown he can handle a bat, too. Solid fill-in at the bottom of the lineup.

Robinson Cano: C-
Dismal April has been left behind with surging May. Average finally over .200 – will he get to .300 this year?

Jason Giambi: C-
Still batting (.181) considerably less than his own weight (235), but Giambi’s power stroke has him leading the Yankees in homers and second in RBIs.

Morgan Ensberg: C-
Offense hasn’t been there at all. Could be a decent player, but replacing A-Rod, he doesn’t cut it.

Shelley Duncan: Incomplete
Only 33 at-bats for a player many expected would get a lot more playing time.

Jose Molina: B
Was a doubles machine in early April, but the offense has tailed off considerably. Has done a superb job behind the plate during Posada’s absence.

Wilson Betemit: Incomplete
Two DL stints already have limited him to 26 at-bats.



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