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Abraham Offers Some Insight On CC

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Peter Abraham/LoHud Yankees Blog:

Here are some of the more interesting comments Cashman had on CC Sabathia:
“He’s got a life choice to make that will direct where they will reside for the next however many years determined by the contract he decides to negotiate. He’s going through the process.”

On whether the Yankees would pressure him for a decision: 

“If you’re a marginal free agent or a low-end guy, you can speed the process up – from the club’s perspective — by pushing the envelope. With the premier free agents, all that’ll do is push them away.”

On Reggie Jackson’s involvement: 
“He went through the same (free agent) process at relatively the same age. He’s someone who came to New York, conquered New York and can give the perspective.”
(Slick move by the Yankees here. Mr. October lives in the Bay Area now. He was a free agent, went through ups and downs in New York and knows the terrain. Who better to talk to CC?)

On CC’s process
“We’re not being played, we’re not being manipulated, we’re not being used. I just think that he’s making an informed decision, and there’s a process that will take.”

Even More:
I also spoke to Joe Girardi, who said the meeting with Sabathia went well on Sunday. He seemed heartened by the idea that CC was asking about the lifestyle in New York. CC and his wife have three kids, the latest coming seven weeks ago. Joe and his wife also have three kids.

Girardi explained to Sabathia that he encourages players to bring their sons into the clubhouse and to be around the team. He talked about his situation, living in Westchester and putting his kids in school.

In the end, it’ll be about the money. But the Yankees are pleased that Sabathia is asking the right questions. If the guy wasn’t serious about the Yankees, why did he ask for a second meeting? I don’t see the Steinbrenners letting the Dodgers get close.


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