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Davidoff Examines Competition For CC

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Red Sox:
General manager Theo Epstein, manager Terry Francona and pitching coach John Farrell met with Sabathia and his representatives yesterday. Really? Don't the Red Sox have a deep rotation and a greater need for offense (namely, Mark Teixeira)?

"We wouldn't be meeting with him unless we had legitimate interest," a Boston official said.

All right. Here's what Francona said, however: "We don't feel the need to go sign somebody for more years than the organization is comfortable and put the organization in peril, potentially. We have had a lot of good young kids come through our system and we have some veterans and it's a very good mix."

Translation: it would be out of character for Epstein to commit six years and $140 million to a free-agent starter. Besides, if Sabathia harbors doubts about playing in New York, Boston is an even bigger fish bowl for Sawx players.

Frustration was the primary mood after their meeting with Greg Genske, Scott Parker and Brian Peters. According to someone familiar with the situation, the Brewers still aren't sure what they need to do to retain Sabathia. It seems they can't stretch their offer by much more.

Translation: It's gonna take a lot (more than the Brewers can seemingly offer) for CC to remain with the Brew Crew.

They loom as the most interesting possibility. They clearly would be Sabathia's top choice, if the money were equal. But can it be equal?

Team officials wouldn't say quite that yesterday, yet they said, on the condition of anonymity, that they were thinking very seriously about Sabathia. Could they possibly offer more than the seven-year, $126-million deal they gave to Barry Zito? If they did, it could crush them. Nevertheless, if they did, they'd probably get their man.

That CC approached Dodgers GM Ned Colletti about being a Dodger is fascinating. You wouldn't think Colletti would make something like this up. And the Yankees can't be thrilled to hear about this.

Nevertheless, read Colletti's quote: "It's an interesting dynamic with anybody who is long term at a salary that's higher than most. When you're talking about a player who is long term, it's going to change the dynamic of your team in some way."

Translation: "No, we're not signing him. We can't afford him."


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