7/30/2008 04:31:00 PM

BREAKING NEWS: Yankees Acquire Pudge Rodriguez

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Well...the more I think about it the more I realize this was a great acquisition for the Yankees. We finally get to relieve ourselves of the virtual heart attacks that we got every time Farnsie took the ball in a close game, and Molina will finally get some time off.

Pudge is batting .290 right now
, about equal to what Jorge has batted for his career. Pudge is also a 13-time Gold Glove winner who can throw runners out with ease.

Farnsworth has been good of late and seemed to have found a groove, but he has a long history of being inconsistent in New York. With a pretty solid bullpen consisting of Dan Giese, David Robertson, Jose Veras, Edwar Ramierz, Damaso Marte and Mariano Rivera, a near rehabbed Brian Bruney, and studs like Mark Melancon waiting in the wings, and all of a sudden Kyle Farnsworth looks pretty dispensible.

Pudge is a good pickup for the Yankees and a platoon of Pudge/Molina makes the Yankees as solid as almost any team behind the plate.

Buster Olney/ESPN.Com:

The Yankees seem to have found a replacement for Jorge Posada.

The Yankees have acquaired catcher Ivan Rodriguez from the Tigers. Detroit will get right-handed pitcher Kyle Farnsworth, who played with the Tigers previously in 2005.

Posada, the five-time All-Star catcher, announced he would have season-ending surgery on his right shoulder on Monday.

"Pudge has always wanted to play in New York and Detroit felt it needed a relief pitcher, so both sides were able to get what they wanted to some degree," Rodriguez's agent Scott Boras told The Associated Press.

*Click here for an MLB.com break down of the the I-Rod trade*


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